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Ballet, Tap, Contemporary Dancing, and FitSteps ® for Adults

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You don't have to aim to be a professional dancer to learn ballet or tap dancing as an adult.

Monica teaches in Caversham and Reading, both classes and private lessons for men and women.

Be brave, and do something new. Whether you learned as a child, or have never danced, Monica can help you to develop your skills, and have fun.

Whatever your reason for dancing, you will enjoy the experience of learning with Monica Cleaver in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere

Monica puts on performances at local theatres, and all her students are eligible to take part. You can just dance at your classes, or take medal tests. Some of Monica's adult students go on to become teachers themselves, with lots of help and encouragement from Monica.

Adult Classes

You may pay for classes either by the class, or by the term (which attracts a discount). You may join a class at any time, during the term.

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