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Read what our students say:

Anita: In my middle years, I moved to this area and once settled, decided I needed a new challenge. The best decision I ever made was to attend a beginners tap class with Monica. It opened a whole new world for me and 'voila' I have never looked back.

Today, Julie is my tap teacher and she is brilliant. Everyone made to feel so welcome. Great routines in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, lorra laughter too. A perfect way to exercise body and mind.

Dancing for me, which will shortly include ballet, is uplifting, fun and very addictive. Quite frankly, I just can't live without it!!!


Kirstie: I was looking for a contemporary class for a while. I came across Julie's contemporary class and I'm so happy I did. She is a fabulous teacher and choreographs routines that can easily be broken down for any ability but also challenge you. The ebb and flow of how she structures the class is bliss and I would recommend it for anybody. It's been nearly a year now and I'm addicted! It's a brilliant way to express yourself and have fun. It's helped with my coordination, balance and fitness plus its great to meet like-minded people.


Barbara: I started with Mo's Adult Ballet class, immediately I thought: "Oh my God, I can't do this", but Monica encouraged me, and told me that I will get better and better in time. I thought: "Yeah, right!". But truthfully I have to admit that it is a fact. Not only have I improved in class, with ballet my posture is better, my memory has improved and my co-ordination as well. I am fitter and more supple. Dancing with Monica leaves me so happy and contented and I must see her and dance or else I could self harm! I have also met an array of lovely people who have become my good friends and have, socially and on stage, given me support. My life is much more fulfilled with a purpose and direction.

What I love about Marvellous Monica is that she is dedicated, she treats you individually and she cares about all her students. I find her energetic and hardworking and often demanding but very considerate. I am upset that I did not meet Monica years ago and can only make up for lost time, so I decided to join Adult Tap so I can have many more lessons from a brilliant teacher.


Susie:Little did I know that attending Monica's adult ballet classes would change my life and give me a new career - so beware! Although a little apprehensive about starting ballet again, I was made to feel very welcome and Monica's ability to assess each adult's ability and translate seemingly complex steps into something we could all achieve, meant we could all progress at our own rate.

We all were able to perform in her ballet shows on the Hexagon stage which was a fantastic experience. It wasn't long before she encouraged me to take my senior ballet exam and suddenly, in my 50s I was back on pointe. The next thing I knew, I was being asked to teach. I had recently retired from a professional career and was looking forward to a life of leisure. But Monica had other ideas and recognised, quite rightly, that I needed a new challenge. So with her encouragement and support I retrained with the Royal Academy of Dance and I am now one of her qualified RAD teachers - and I love it.

Thanks to Monica, my childhood passion for dance has been given new life, for which I am very grateful


Michelle: I attended Monica's ballet class after the birth of my 3rd child (not knowing a single step), to get back into shape; meet new friends and secretly to do something I'd wanted to do as a child! I quickly became hooked and took more lessons. I am passionate about dance, took some exams, with Monica's help, and I am now teaching too! [Update: Michelle has now passed her teaching examination with very good marks]


Doreen: I had my very first ballet lesson after I got my bus pass. I love dancing. Monica told me I would lose two dress sizes within six months. I did! However, that was not my reason for dancing, and continuing to dance. I just love the feeling when the music starts. Friends tell me that my poise and posture have improved dramatically since I began dancing with Monica, and that I am now much more confident in myself.

I was confident enough to apply for a class at The London Coliseum in April 2013, and here I am on the stage:

Monica encouraged me so much that in 2016 I took, and passed the RAD Grade 6 ballet examination. It happened that I was the oldest dancer in this country ever to pass it. I am now studying for Grade 7

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